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Installing Double Doors

Installing Double Door. How to instructions for installing double door. A double door installation is  just as easy as installing a single door if your using a package of Quick Door Hanger installation brackets. Available for roughly the same cost as a pack of shims. Using the Quick Door Hanger kit will take the hard work of shimming out of the installation process. The patented system allows first time door installers to install just as well as a professional builder.

How to Install a Double Door (French)

Instructions for Double Door Install


Step 1.

Draw a Line down the Drywall

A level/plumb line will be needed for the double door installation. Working on the left side of the rough door opening, using a 6′ or 4′ level, carefully draw a perfectly plumb (level) line all the way down the drywall roughly 1/2″ from the opening. This will be the main alignment aid for the door installation. Make sure the drawn line is perfectly level, as we will be basing the double door installation off of this line.


Step 2.

Attach Door Hanging Bracket to Frame

Screw a Quick Door Hanger installation bracket behind each of the 6 (or more) hinges. Make sure when attaching these bracket to the door jamb/frame that the bracket’s clearance hole lines up directly behind the center screw of each of the hinges. This will allow for the addition of a long screw through the hinge and into the wall stud for additional support in a later step (optional).


Step 3.

Install Double Door into Opening

Installing double door. Set the double french door into the rough opening. Roughly center the door. Using the level line drawn on the wall, screw in the top bracket on the side of the door where the level line was drawn. Take note of what reference notch on the bracket the drawn level line happens to pass through. Then screw in the next 2 brackets on the same side of the door, using the exact same reference notch as the first. After these 3 brackets are screwed into the wall using the same reference notch for each, 1/2 of the double door will now be perfectly installed.


Step 4.

Hang otherside of Double Door

First adjust for the spacing at the top of the doors. Check the gap or spacing between the top of the doors and the door frame/jamb. Working on the side of the door that has not yet been screwed down, raise or lower the door frame/jamb by adding or removing shims from under the jamb/frame. This will raise or lower the frame until the gap at the top of the doors looks consistent from one side all the way to the other.

Once the gap at the top looks good all the way across, the installation can now be finished. Check the spacing between the 2 doors. Adjust as needed to obtain a constant gap between the 2 doors. When the spacing between the double door is consistent, simply screw the remaining 3 brackets to the wall. Check the operation of the double door.


Step 5.

Finish the Install

You may want to strengthen the installation after installing double door if the door is very heavy. Remove the center screws from each of the hinges. Recall that the brackets’ clearance hole was lined up with this screw. Replace these small 1/2″ hinge frame screws with a 2″ or longer screw. This new long screw will go through the hinge, pass through the clearance hole, and will anchor into the wall stud. To prevent the accidental pulling in of the jamb by over-tightening during the placement of these screws, you should place shims or a piece of wood between the door frame and the wall stud where the screw will go through.

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