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Quick Door Hanger Bracket

quick door hanger clip.png

Door Installation Brackets

The Quick Door Hanger is a Multi-Patented door installation system.

The Quick Door Hanger

The Quick Door Hanger Bracket is a patented door installation system. This fail proof system allows for quick and hassle free door installation for beginners to pros! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this is simply the easiest and fastest way of hanging professional doors that are perfectly plumb and have a perfect reveal. Up to 5x faster than shimming  a door!

  • Works on Hollow-Core & Heavy Solid-Core Doors!

  • No Shimming Required. Up to 5x faster than shimming!

  • Installs doors perfectly level & plumb, with easy adjustment for professional installs!

  • Zero nailing through the door jamb/frame, so there are no nail holes to patch after install!

  • Door casing/trim completely conceals the brackets, you place your trim right over them with zero interference!

Install a door in as little as 4 minutes!
Single Door
install a door.jpg
Double Door
install a double french door.jpg
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