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  • Do they work on Double/French Doors?
    The Quick Door Hanger works great on Double/French doors. You just need 1 kit, same as a single door install. View the "Instructions" tab on the menu to be guided to our Step-by-Step double door installation guide & video.
  • Where can i purchase?
    The Quick Door Hanger can be purchased at 1000's of retailers. Available at nearly all Home Depot locations Available at Lumber Yards Avaible at Hardware Stores Available at 1000s or retailers in CANADA, including but not limited to Home Depot CA.
  • Can they be used on Exterior doors.
    Yup! Our famous Quick Door Hanger works great on Exterior Doors! To view the instructions, click on the "Instructions" tab, then Exterior Door.
  • What happens to the Brackets?
    The Brackets stay in the wall. After the installation process, you simply mount your door casing/trim directly over the brackets to conceal them. Don't worry, they dont interfere with your trim at all.
  • Do the brackets get into the way of the trim/casing?
    Nope. You will see that when you are screwing the brackets into the wall, that the bracket actually gets slightly sucked into the drywall. This gives plenty of clearance and the bracket does not interfere with the trim/casing at all.
  • What about Heavy Solid-Core doors?
    The quick door hanger works amazing on these. Simply use the standard 6 brackets. Before the installation of your trim/casing, remove the center screws from the hinges and replace with longer set screws (often included with the door). This set screw will pass through our patented Bracket Clearance Hole. Your door will be rock solid. On VERY heavy solid core doors (ex. 8' solid mahogony doors". Simply do the same thing, and right before you install the door trim/casing, simply add some shims and nail through. REMEMBER, you already took care of the hard part. Simply take an extra minute to reinforce.
  • What comes in the kit?
    Each Single Door Kit comes with 6 brackets and all the required screws to do 1 complete door installation. We also offer 10 Door Pro Kits at most retailers. We also offer larger bulk boxes of 120 (720 brackets) Door & 1000 (6000 brackets) Door kits for Pros.
  • Rough door opening sizes?
    The rough door opening for using the Quick Door Hanger uses the standard rough door opening as shims. There is no difference when you use our product, you do not have to change your rough opening. They are designed for standard variations of the standard 2" wider than door size.
  • Can they be used on Windows & Extenstion Jambs
    Yes, our brackets are used for installing Windows & Extenstion Jambs as well.

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