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Why is the Door Corner Sticking Out?

Help – Part of the Door Corner Sticks Out and is Not Tight Against Stop

Door Corner Sticks Out. I recently installed my door. Using a level everything checks out good, but when I installed the door and it is in the closed position, the top corner opposite the hinges, sticks out away from the jamb/door frame and is not tight against the door stop. I also noticed the gap on the hinge side is different. Seems as though the door is twisted?? What is the reason for this, and are there specific instructions on how to install a door with the problem of a not so perfect opening?


This is common. A common term for when a door corner sticks out is your door is out of plane. The fix to this problem of a door corner sticks out is completed by trial and error.

Your door jamb needs to be in the same plane for it to close properly. In other words the wall the door is being hung on is probably not completely flat “slightly twisted”. Let’s say the top corner opposite the hinges sticks out away from the jamb. What you will need to do is move the bottom of the door jamb/frame of the hinge side out in the same direction as the door is sticking out. This will bring the door into plane. This is accomplished by slightly bending the door installation brackets. With the door in the closed position and with the trim/casing removed, slightly hammer the door jamb/frame in the proper direction. Use a block of wood between the hammer and the jamb to prevent damaging. Open and close the door to check that the door is tight against the door stop, should be about flush all the way from the bottom of the door to the top.

Sometimes, depending on the wall, you may need to move all 4 corners of the door (you can move the corners IN and OUT of the wall). You should split the difference by moving multiple corners. When you are done, you can place the door casing/trim directly over the brackets to cover up the movements (should not be noticeable after the door trim/casing is installed). Your door will now be perfectly in plane, even though your wall is not and the imperfections will be hidden by the door trim/casing. If done correctly, the result will be a very strong, sturdy, professional door installation.

More information can be found by Clicking Here.

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