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How to Hang a Door

Hanging a prehung door is now easy! Hanging a door in a rough door opening can be very difficult when using shims. The newest method of door hanging is using door hanging bracket. All screws included for roughly the same cost as a pack of shims. First time DIYs can now hang doors like a professional.  View the how-to instructional video below for perfectly hung doors. 

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Step-by-Step How to Hang a Door

rough door hang opening

Step 1.

The Rough Door Opening

Make sure that the rough door opening is approximately 2" wider and 2.5" taller than the door that is being installed (only measure the door, not the door frame).

draw alignment line

Step 2.

Draw Plumb Line on Drywall

Start by making a mark roughly 1/2″ in from the rough door opening. Place a 4′ or 6′ level on this mark. Now make sure that the level is indicating perfectly level and plumb. Use the level to draw a line all the way down the wall. Make sure this line is perfectly level. You will be basing the hanging prehung door off of this “level line”.

attach door hang brackets

Step 3.

Start by screwing a door hang bracket directly behind each hinge. Try to align the bracket’s clearance hole to the center screw in the hinges. This will allow you to replace that small screw with a longer screw in a later step for extra support if its a very large or heavy door being hung. Attach the other 3 brackets on the opposite side of the door frame at roughly 8″ from top, just above the door latch, and roughly 6″ from the bottom of the door.

Attach Door Hang Brackets
hang a door

Step 4.

Place the door in the rough opening. Roughly center the door as best as possible in the opening. Now screw in the top hinge side bracket. Take note of which of the bracket’s reference notches the “drawn level line” happens to match up to. Screw in the next 2 hinge side brackets, making sure that the ‘”level line” passes through their exact same reference notches. The door is now hung perfect based on the drawn level line. When screwing in the other 3 brackets, simply make sure that the space between the door and the door frame/jamb looks consistent. The door is now hung.

Screw the Door to the Wall
attach trim casing

Step 5.

If extra reinforcement to hanging a door is desired, simply remove the center screws from each of the frame hinges. Remember you had aligned the bracket’s clearance hole up to these screws. Remove these 1/2″ screws and replace them with longer screws (roughly 2″). These longer screws will pass through the clearance hole and into the wall stud greatly increasing the door hung strength.

The door trim/casing can now be installed over the brackets as normal. The brackets will not interfere with the hanging of the casing at all. Hanging prehung door made easy.

Complete the Project
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