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Quick Door Hanger EZ Hanging Door Bracket VS Competition

See the Difference between our Multi Patented Door Hang bracket and "The Wannabes" 

Quick Door Hanger brackets are the highest rated new door installation method there is. See why Quick Door Hanger EZ hanging door brackets are quickly becoming the preferred method of door installation for professionals. Pros are averaging as fast as 4 minute door installs without the need for shimming. Our Quick Door Hanger is no match for any wannabe competition! See below for how our Quick Door Hanger ez hanging door bracket vs the competition. 

NOW 4x


NEW Patent Pending Design

The "Others" can

have a tendency to bend

"We have 1000's of 5 Star Customer Reviews!"

- The Quick Door Hanger

  • 1000's 5 Star Reviews
  • Patented
  • Available 1000s of Stores
  • Millions of Doors Installed
NOW Over 4X STRONGER than others! New Patent Pending.
  • Over-complicated
  • Fewer Retailers
  • Less attachment screws
  • No Hinge Clearance Hole
  • Alignment marks, not Notches
  • Pain in the A**
  • Takes over 5x longer
  • Constantly Split or Break
  • Need additional help during
  • Out Dated, Obsolete!
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