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Door Manufacturers and the Benefits


Wonder what happens when a door manufacturer staples a package of The Quick Door Hanger installation brackets to every door they produce?

Benefits to Door Manufacturer
  • See dramatic drop in door warranty returns due to poor installation, rapidly increasing profit with very little investment.

  • Their high end pre-finished doors can now be installed without nailing through the door jamb, so no nail holes to patch. Installer simply screws brackets to the outside of jamb.

  • Door brand is now known for their easy and fast installations, gaining them loyal customers that keep coming back. Up to 5x faster installs than using shims. Works on all Flat-Jamb doors with no factory modification.

  • Door brand is now known for it's doors perfect reveals and clearances, due to a proper ''fool proof'' system for installation.

  • Door manufacturer sees nearly instant return on a very small investment.

Private Labeling may be available, contact us for more information.
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