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What is the 

Bumperless Door Stop?

"Ultra-Low profile door stop"

-Check out the Bumper-Less Door Stop

The Bumper-Less Hinge Pin Door Stop

The Bumper-Less Hinge Pin Door Stop is held in place by the existing hinge pin. The fully adjustable Door Saver 3 catches both the front and the back side of the hinge for total protection. It's truly unique design means no damage to the trim or door. No hinge pin creeping up. And no bumper. All you see is the beautiful, ultra-low profile of this adjustable door stop. Available in 8 Different Finishes.

  • Bumper-less design eliminates damage to doors and trim

  • Adjustable stop positions allow the door to stop at any user selected position

  • Hinge mounted to fit all doors interior or exterior

  • Installs on existing hinge pin in seconds with no tools required

  • Made from strong carbon steel

  • Ultra-low profile available in 8 different finishes

  • Commercial sizes also available for larger commercial size hinges

bumperlessdoor stop

Hinge Not Included.

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